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What Happens After You Order Your Custom Sneakers?

Another popular question we receive from clients who are interested in placing an order for their own custom sneakers is “what happens after my order is placed?” Since we always strive to be 100% transparent with our clients, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to explain the process we take once a custom sneaker request gets submitted. 

Custom sneakers require a bit more attention than your average ecommerce store. Since we tailor your custom sneaker design to what you submit in our custom sneaker request page, we need to begin working with you in order for us to really understand your exact design. 

From the moment you submit your custom sneaker request, all of that information gets stored in our backend so it never gets lost. Within no longer than 12 hours, you will receive an email from us asking you some quick follow up questions about your design request. Once we receive this last bit of info, we’ll then give you a quick rough estimate before we begin contacting our list of partnered custom sneaker artists for the final quote. 

Once we find a qualified artist that is willing to take on your custom sneaker design, we’ll give you a brief introduction of them and their previous work, while also sending you the final invoice. Due to high demand, all invoices will only be available for 48 hours, so we ask all clients to complete that invoice at your earliest convenience.

When the invoice has been paid for your custom sneakers, we will be reaching out one more time for the confirmation of the payment, as well as clearing up any last design confusions the artist may still have. If no added design requirements are needed, we will begin the first step of the order processing by sending the payout to the artist so they can purchase the base shoe as soon as possible. From there, the artist will take over the rest of the processing stages. For more information on how long a custom sneaker order will take to process, read this article.

Other than that, all there’s really left for you to do is wait patiently for your order to be completed. Throughout the processing stages, we always try to give brief updates if anything comes up. Also, if at any point in the processing stages you’d like an update on the status of your order, simply shoot us an email and we’ll always reply no later than 24 hours. One of the benefits about shopping with us is our buyer protection. Since we control the payment of this transaction, we have the ability to refund your money if for whatever reason the artist turns out to be un trustworthy (this should never happen because all of our artists are hand vetted). 

When your custom sneakers are finished, you will be receiving an email from us with the tracking number/link and also a photo of the finished design.  

In summary, here's a simplified explanation of what happens after the purchase of your custom sneakers: 

What happens after you place an order?

  • We secure your payment, payout the artist’s earnings, and relay all the design details to the artist
  • The artist then begins the order by ordering the base sneaker
  • From there, we’ll keep in touch with you about any updates with your order
  • We’ll also supply you with the tracking number once your order has been shipped
  • We respond to email requests 24/7, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out with an update on your order

If you’ve read this and are still not convinced, check out our other articles that will help persuade you. If you’re all ready to submit your custom sneaker request, feel free to do so here: Custom Sneaker Request (custommysneaker.com)

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